Chair: Dr Clare Watson (University of Lincoln)

Colette McFadden (Head of Heritage Programmes, BFI)
Dr Frank Gray (Director, Screen Archive South East)
Dr Chris O’Rourke (University of Lincoln)
Dr Christine Grandy (University of Lincoln)

‘Digital transformations: screen heritage and impact’


Digital has widened access to the rich moving image heritage preserved by film archives across the UK. In recent years, collaborative digitisation projects have significantly increased the diversity of heritage now available and are transforming the ways users engage with content. In turn, these innovations have implications for scholarship and inevitably hold the potential to shape both what and how research is conducted. Bringing together expertise from the screen heritage sector and academia, including the British Film Institute, members of Film Archives UK and current research and teaching initiatives, this panel will highlight major digital projects and practice and explore impact for scholarship.

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Watson, McFadden, Gray, O'Rourke & Grandy

22nd March 2023

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