Prof Heather Hughes & Alessandro Pesaro (University of Lincoln) ‘Digitisation and difficult narratives about the past’ ROUNDTABLE: ‘The Bombing of Italy and its impact on Art, Heritage, Everyday Life and Authorities’ Responses’ – including: Laura Gambone (ISTORECO) ‘Memories of Leghorn’s Bombings’ Rosario Milano (IPSAIC “Tommaso Fiore”) ‘December 1943: Bari under Bombing’ Andrea Villa (Freelance journalist) ‘Art and War in Italy. The contribution of British Monuments Men to the protection of Italian monuments and works of art, between 1943 and 1945′ Andrea Filippo Saba (Istituto Nazionale Ferruccio Parri) ‘The Bombing of 24th-25th October 1942 and the changing landscape of Milan’

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Hughes & Pesaro; Gambone, Milano, Villa & Saba

22nd March 2023

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