Please note: this was the final 2019 programme.


Monday 3 June


10am Pre-registration opens for optional tours – Lincoln Performing Arts Centre (LPAC)

Tours on the University of Lincoln campus of the Media Archive for Central England and Lincoln Conservation at 11am and 12pm.


1pm Registration opens – Lincoln Performing Arts Centre (LPAC)


2.30pm Welcome Keynote: Sukhy Johal MBE with Tom Steinberg, The National Lottery Heritage Fund


3pm Afternoon Parallel Session 1


Strand: Tipping Technologies

Olivia Yip (Hong Kong Design Institute) ‘Investigation Digital Heritage: Exhibiting Qing Emperor’s Wedding with Digital Conductive Wall’

Maniyarasan Rajendran (C.A.R.E, Centre for Applied Research and Education) ‘Representing intangible cultural heritage of Madurai’s Chithirai festival, India’

Rafaël Hart Barnwell (Moment Factory) ‘Approaches to New Media in Sacred Sites’


Strand: Tipping Technologies – Workshop

Jocelyn Spence, Benjamin Bedwell & Dimitri Darzentas (Mixed Reality Lab, University of Nottingham) ‘Ideation for Heritage Visitor Experiences: Creating a global community knowledgebase through card-play’ (NB. 2 hour workshop)


Strand: Divided Memories

Heather Hughes & Alessandro Pesaro (University of Lincoln) ‘Digitisation and difficult narratives about the past’

Laura Gambone (ISTORECO), Rosario Milano (IPSAIC “Tommaso Fiore”), Andrea Villa (Freelance journalist) & Andrea Filippo Saba (Istituto Nazionale Ferruccio Parri) Roundtable: ‘The Bombing of Italy and its impact on Art, Heritage, Everyday Life and Authorities’ Responses’


Strand: Communities

Helen Fry (Trent Park Museum Trust) ‘Re-Imagining Trent Park’

David Longford (Theatre Royal & Royal Concert Hall) ‘Our Theatre Royal Nottingham: successes and challenges of a co-created digital archive’

Jo Robinson (University of Nottingham) ‘Partnerships and Participation: Building Collaborations and Capacity through Citizen Scholarship’


Strand: Education & Outreach

Leah Warriner-Wood (University of Lincoln) ‘The Heritage PhD in a Digital Age’

Mark Smith (Loughborough University) ‘Digital Moving Image for Critical Dialogue: Pedagogy, Politics, Culture and Social Justice’

Jamie Wood (University of Lincoln) ‘Digital Gaming, Past and Place: Accuracy, Authenticity and Agency’


4pm Refreshments


4.15pm Afternoon Parallel Session 2


Strand: Institutions in the 21st Century

Libraries & Archives PANEL: Ian Snowley (University of Lincoln), Ayub Khan (Warwickshire County Council), Jacob Fredrickson (British Library) & Justine Mann (University of East Anglia) ‘Libraries, Archives and Digital Heritage: Projects and Prospects’


Strand: Communities

Communities PANEL: Bo Olawoye (Threshold Studios), Paul Long (Metro-Boulot-Dodo), Clare Watson (University of Lincoln) ‘Collider Conversation: What role does technology play in making cultural heritage and archive accessible to audiences and is the digital revolution helping communities to redefine themselves authentically?’


Strand: Tipping Technologies

Digital Play PANEL: Stephanie Hemelryk Donald, Jussi Holopainen, Andrew Elliot, Philip Carlisle (University of Lincoln) ‘Playing with cultural heritage’


Strand: Divided Memories

Dan Ellin (University of Lincoln) ‘Which dot was a firestorm? Visualising data to challenge perceptions of the bombing war 1939-1945 at the International Bomber Command Centre’

Zeno Gaiaschi (Laboratorio Lapsus) ‘Italian internees in Germany. Using technology to explore Italy’s difficulty past’

Elio Catania (Laboratorio Lapsus) ‘Chilean refugees in Italy. Interpreting difficult heritage through collaborative practices’


6pm Evening Keynote: Professor Melissa Terras (University of Edinburgh) & Diane Lees CBE (Imperial War Museums)


7pm Evening drinks reception



Tuesday 4 June


9am Registration opens


9.30am Keynote: Professor Mary Stuart CBE (University of Lincoln) & Matt Lee (Imperial War Museums)


10.30am Morning Parallel Session 1


Strand: Institutions in the 21st Century

Anne Grady (European Commission) ‘The European Framework for Action on Cultural Heritage’

Eilish Clohessy (Derby Museums Trust) ‘Co-Production and 3D Imaging at Derby Museums’

Katherine Alston (Imperial War Museums) & John Hunter (Non Zero One) ‘Collaborating Not Commissioning: a case study of a cross-sector, co-production partnership with artists’ group, non zero one, at Imperial War Museums, to produce new digital experiences for schools and families’


Strand: Communities

Keir Waddington (Cardiff University) ‘Thinking medically, thinking digitally: An experiment with the digital archive, medical history and the classroom’

Dario De Santis (University of Udine) ‘The Castrense University in San Giorgio di Nogaro (1916-1917): developing a Thematic Digital Archive’

Charlotte Czyzyk (Imperial War Museums) ‘Crowdsourcing and collaboration: Imperial War Museums’


Strand: Tipping Technologies

Chiara Zuanni (Karl-Franzens University of Graz) ‘Talking about museums: expertise, participation, and social media audiences’

Clemency Anderson (University of Cambridge) ‘Online Voice and Heritage: Applying qualitative analysis to Trip Advisor reviews of House Museums’

Tom Webster-Deakin National Trust (Midlands) ‘Digital – More than Just a Marketing Tool?’


Clara Molina Sanchez (Spectrum Heritage) ‘Setting the scene: Preservation and digitisation of a giant pop-up book’

Paul Croft (University of Lincoln) ‘The role of digital replication in the reinstatement on an early 20th century ceiling’

Melina Smirniou (University of Lincoln) & Eleni Kotoula (University of Edinburgh) ‘Computation and digital technologies in preservation of cultural heritage’


11.30am Refreshments


11.45am Morning Parallel Session 2


Strand: Communities

Pawlet Brookes, Roshni Khunti & Sam Warren (Serendipity) ‘Archiving the Past, Reflecting the Future: Preserving Black Cultural Heritage in the East Midlands’

Sara Thomas & T S Beall (Wikimedia UK) ‘Waltzers, Women, Walls and Wikipedia: Open knowledge and increasing participation with communities’ cultural heritage’

Maya Darrell Hewins (University of the Highlands and Islands) ‘Refresh to see updates: Visibility as a tool for sustainable management of community-led digital archives of moving images’


Strand: Tipping Technologies

Jo Pugh (The National Archives) ‘From sizzle to steak: archival linked open data for research’

Tom Crane & Matt McGrattan (Digirati) ‘A platform for hosting, enriching and delivering digitised content using open web standards’

James Morley, ‘Beyond Partnerships – letting strangers unleash the potential of your content!’


Rebecca Taylor (University of Manchester) ‘Exploring Healthy Ageing in Urban Areas: Growing an Exhibition and Designing a Living Archive’

Lorraine Finch (LF Conservation and Preservation) ‘Open Archives’

Sebastiano Parisi, ‘The Image That Never Was: Implications of Wartime Photographs Colourisation’


Strand: Divided Memories & Communities

Laura Chaillie (UCL) ‘Smartsourced conservation: how ‘the crowd’ can help us overcome the limitations of smartphones’

Dave Gilbert (International Bomber Command Centre) IBCC Losses Database ‘Big Data’ Project – how to link to, and be linked by, other online sources without sharing intellectual property’


12.45pm Lunch


1.30pm Keynote: Professor Chris Speed (University of Edinburgh)


2.30pm Afternoon Parallel Session 1


Strand: Tipping Technologies & Communities

Daniel J Finnegan (Echo Games) ‘Developing Serious Games for Museums: The Cases of Endless Blitz and Umschlagplatz ’43’

Jussi Holopainen & Wayne Christian (University of Lincoln) ‘RAF100 Augmented Reality flypast Demonstration’

Conan Lawrence (University of Lincoln) ‘In Their Name: Embodying Cultural Heritage through Digital Performance’


Vassilis Tzouvaras (National Technical University of Athens) ‘Human-Computer collaboration for data annotation and enrichment’

Stefanos Kollias (University of Lincoln) ‘Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Cultural Heritage Content Enrichment and Search on the Web’


Strand: Education & Outreach

Heritage Hack (University of Lincoln)


Alexander Roberts (Swansea University) ‘The thousand year book’

Themis Halvantzi-Stringer (University of Birmingham) ‘Heritage Site Overcrowding – A Technological Solution’

Melina Smirniou & Cathy Daly (University of Lincoln) ‘Students as Producers: Digital approaches to the Lincoln Charters project’


3.30pm Refreshments


3.45pm Afternoon Parallel Session 2


Strand: Education & Outreach

Education PANEL: History UK, featuring:

Charles West (University of Sheffield) ‘Wikipedia and the Ivory Tower: a postcard from the classroom’

Katherine Fennelly (University of Lincoln) ‘Teachable moments from teaching digital heritage’

Kelly Foster ‘The potential of “radical sharing”: ethics and equity in Open GLAM in the UK


Strand: Institutions in the 21st Century

Film PANEL: Clare Watson (University of Lincoln) & the British Film Institute


Jacquie Grainger (RUSI) & Kristen Schuster (King’s College, London) ‘Heritage lost and found: the RUSI Museum and rediscovery through student participation’

Sarah Allen & Abby Matthews ‘The Knights-Whittome Collection: A pain in the glass?’

Chris Pickup (Nottingham Trent University) ‘Research, Imaging and Interpretation in the Heritage Sector’


Strand: Communities

Rachel Carter (Rachel Carter Sculpture) ‘Language of Sculpture: A Spirit of Mayflower Project’

Rachel Lin Weaver & Lesley Duffield (Virginia Tech) ‘Critical Indigenous Media Art Collaborations’


Strand: Tipping Technologies

WORKSHOP: Tom Crane & Matt McGrattan (Digirati) ‘IIIF and Web Annotations workshop’


4.45pm Closing Session with Q&A


5.30pm Conference close

22nd March 2023

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