We Joined the Dots!

Partnerships, Participation and Platforms

In 2019, the University of Lincoln hosted ‘Heritage Dot’, the inaugural conference exploring digital horizons in relation to cultural heritage. Heritage Dot was designed to create a platform for sharing, challenging, disrupting, and interrogating what digital heritage is and does across professional, academic and community sectors with interests in heritage.

The Heritage Dot Organising Committee would like to thank our co-hosts, sponsors, presenters, delegates and volunteers at this year’s conference for their support.

2019’s theme was ‘Joining the Dots: Partnerships, Participation and Platforms’.

What’s next?

Heritage Dot 2.1

The next Heritage Dot Conference will take place in 2021.

Highlights & Moments: #HDot 2019

Image credits: Alessandro Pesaro

2019’s Headline Contributors

3-4 JUNE 2019

Heritage Dot brings together practitioners and researchers, to identify key challenges and opportunities, showcase innovation, and explore collaboration in the digital heritage sector. The theme for 2019 was 'Joining the Dots: Partnerships, Participation and Platforms'.

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